App to App/Mobile/PSTN Calling

Unlimited Freedom with Voice Calling

Calling made simple and easy. Use one app to call your friends/ contacts regardless of having to install the app into their phones. brilliant CONNECT offers unbelievably low voice calling rates from app to Mobile or PSTN operator where app to app calling is free*. You can also make free* app to app video calls whenever you feel the need to see your loved ones!
*Provider’s Data charges may apply.

Video & Voice message sharing

Two Clicks to Record and Share

Record a video or audio to greet your friends on their special occasions. Sharing a short and sweet audio / video clip brings distant ones nearer!

Text Messaging

Freedom for Unlimited Secure Text Messaging

brilliant CONNECT’s app-to-app unlimited free* instant messaging helps you to escape costly SMS packages of your mobile operator. Now chat securely back and forth without having to think about SMS charges for limited characters.
*Provider’s Data charges may apply.

Group Chat

Create Groups and Share with All at Once

brilliant CONNECT app allows you to create family or workgroups and share from one to many at once. A simple way to remain connected with favorite group of people by sharing text messages, photos, audio/video clips and many more.


Liven Up Your Conversations

Express yourself better with stickers! Brilliant CONNECT’s amusing stickers can turn any boring conversation into an exciting one. Use these colorful stickers to greet others during special occasions, festivals. Stickers are free to download from the “Settings” option of the app.

Location sharing

Find or Be Found Easily!

You and your friends can locate each other easily with brilliant CONNECT. Just click on “share location” option to send your exact whereabouts. Which is why we say you are just one click away from your friends!

Security by encryption

Secure Communication Assured

brilliant CONNECT ensures end to end secure communication by applying encryption on messages, audio/video clips, photos, location and doodles shared between sender and receiver. No one has access to or can decrypt these messages, not even brilliant CONNECT authority.